Logo Design

The design brief was to create a Logo for a new digital game company, named Brain Matters. The company will produce a program targeted to an older demographic that gives the gamer access to a large collection of concentration, colour, IQ, spacial, language, maths, intelligence, memory and creativity games all designed to improve attention and concentration and strengthen brain fitness. 

The Brain Matters logo that was designed portrayed the idea of thinking and problem solving through the use of the head silhouette with the middle cut away to symbolise the Brain. Puzzle pieces were placed within the circle to represent the thinking games that the company will provide. The logo has been kept simple and from a first glance should register what the product represents.

The brand pallette was selected after research into colour psychology and was found that strong blues stimulate clear thought and lighter softer blues calm the mind and aid concentration the orange was included as it stimulates mental activity.

The typeface chosen was Bakersfield Bold, as it is an elegant geometric text that is both appealing and easy to read to the target demographic.

The logo design is legible across a broad range of applications from a small mobile screen to a computer screen and is easily transformed to greyscale to be used in print media publications. 

Final Logo Design
logo in Greyscale
Puzzle Piece Design